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ScenesHD Ambient Nature Media Brings Nature to Your Livingroom

ScenesHD Ambient Nature Videos feature the most beautiful locations in pristine video, complete with full, vivid nature sounds, uninterrupted and unnarrated. ScenesHD videos can help you sit back and relax, provide a perfect background setting for other activities, such as reading, exercising or creative work or just the opportunity to turn your high definition display into your window to nature.

ScenesHD 'A Day in the Finnish Archipelago' includes scenes from the most beautiful archipelago in the world in full high definition video and surround nature soundtrack. Shot in the Åland Islands, Turku Archipelago and the coast of the Gulf of Finland, the videos cover a summer day from dawn till dusk.

Surround and stereo nature soundtracks. First edition special with 3 hour running time (six 30 minutes videos). Playlist:

04.18 Taslot, Nauvo (Turku Archipelago)
04.32 Fisko, Brando (Åland Islands)
07.03 Porkkala, Kirkkonummi (Coast of the Gulf of Finland)
16.25 Pleikila, Kustavi (Turku Archipelago)
21.10 Prostvik, Nauvo (Turku Archipelago)
21.38 Pleikila, Kustavi (Turku Archipelago)

A Day in the Finnish Archipelago
Experience the tranquility of untouched Finnish nature in in full high definition video and surround nature soundtrack with 'A Day in the Finnish Wild'. Includes scenes from the Finnish forests, lakes and rivers shot in national parks and other scenic places.

Surround and stereo nature soundtracks. Running time 100 minutes

In post production.

A Day in the Finnish Wild

ScenesHD Urban Series

Launched in fall 2012, ScenesHD Urban Series feature ambient night scenes from fascinating cities around the world in full high definition. Captivating street level views are ideal backdrop for relaxing, inspiring or creative spaces.

ScenesHD 'Berlin by night' features captivating ambient night scenes from the streets of Berlin. Running time 100 minutes. Stereo soundtrack.


20:35 Spree - Molecule Man
20:51 Berliner Dom
21:25 Spree - Spreepromenade
21:45 Alte Nationalgalerie
21:48 Spree - Museuminsel
22:19 Spree - Berlin-Friedrichstraße
22:53 Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus
23:05 Bundestag
23:42 Berlin Hautbahnhof
01:01 Tiergarten - Großer Stern
01:42 Neue Nationalgalerie
01:56 Potsdamer Platz
02:28 Potsdamer Platz
03:48 Checkpoint Charlie
04:09 Alexanderplatz
04:26 Deutscher Dom
04:43 Brandenburg Tor

Berlin by night
ScenesHD 'Hamburg by night' features captivating ambient night scenes from the streets of Hamburg. Running time 100 minutes. Stereo soundtrack.

In post production.

Hamburg by night

ScenesHD Blu-Rays are available for purchase from Amazon!


Q: Do I need special equipment to view ScenesHD Blu-ray videos?
A: You obviously need a Blu-ray player. Blu-ray discs are in a high definition format and need to be played on a Blu-ray player, such as PS3. Our discs are region free, so they can be be player in all regions. Please make sure your Blu-ray player has the latest firmware. Any kind of television or projector will do, but since our videos are in high definition format, we recommend viewing with high definition television or projector. Displays and projectors labelled HD ready and HD ready 1080p are able to display high definition content.

Q: What is LPCM.
A: LPCM (Linear pulse-code modulation) is a lossless method of encoding audio information. LPCM thus allows uncompromised sound quality and it is supported by all Blu-ray players.

Q: Why 4.0 audio, why not 5.1 or 7.1 audio?
A: In surround sound, 5.1 or 7.1 indicates the number of audio channels. 5.1 actually means 6 channels: front left, front right, center, surround left, surround right and LFE (Low Frequence Effects). 7.1 adds two more surround channels to the mix. In typical motion picture soundtrack configuration the center channel includes the dialogue and narration of the movie and the 0.1 LFE channels includes extra boost for explosions, crashes and other dramatic scenes involving plenty of low frequencies. 4.0 audio is thus sufficient to replay the ambient nature soundtrack included in ScenesHD videos.

Q: I am unable to get 4.0 audio track from my system, I get 2.0 stereo instead.
A: Try HDMI instead of optical/coaxial connection for audio transfer. Also make sure your Blu-ray player has the latest firmware.

Q: I love ScenesHD videos. Are they available online?
A: We are currently looking into various video on demand (VOD) services and other distribution channels. Visit our homepage or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more information.

Q: Are your videos in 3D?
A: No, although we are considering that option for the future.