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About Us

Hello, my name is Antti Hemmilä, Founder and CEO of Ambient Productions Oy and producer of ScenesHD videos.

The idea for ScenesHD™ videos was born some six years years ago, while on holiday in the Seychelles. Back then, I had just bought my first compact digital video camera and one day decided to record a full tape´s worth on Barbarons beach (in the main island of Mahe). The one hour shot consisted only of waves rolling onto beach in single shot, single location. Back home, I had almost forgotten the entire recording, until I watched it after few weeks. Although shot in standard definition video with audio track suffering from wind noise, the recording immediately took me back to that beach Mahe. The feeling was so intensive, that very soon the basic idea for ScenesHD videos was born and the production company, Ambient Productions Oy, was established.

Since 2005, our company has made recordings in various parts of Finland, experimenting equipment and multi-microphone recording techniques. Nature recording is no easy business. Quiet ambient locations are hard to find and many times recordings fail because of equipment failure, changes in the weather or unwanted background noices. Our videos are shot in full high definition, mostly 30 to 60 minutes per single camera position, creating a more intense feeling of the place and the opportunity to observe the subtle changes in the environment. The microphones and recording gear used guarantee the lowest possible microphone self-noise and the audio is recorded at the highest quality, giving you full, ambient feel and a personal experience of a place.

We are also very sensitive about caring for the nature. We do not ”frame” our locations, use fake signals to attract bird or other animal activity (naturally, we do not add any bird or animal activity in post production either) or enter protected areas during the bird nesting season. We record nature as it is and as it happens.

In 2012 we expanded the ambient video idea to urban scenes. Lot of time was spent in the streets of Hamburg and Berlin exploring the concept. Big cities never sleep at night and many people, including myself, find nighttime a great time to explore the cities in more depth. Urban Series videos are shot in full HD with stereo soundtrack, and are also free of narration or additional music soundtrack.

With the launch of Urban Series, we want to further expand the concept of ambient media and ScenesHD brand. We are also actively looking for new distribution channels in order to provide more people access to ScenesHD media. Take a look at the trailers and teaser videos on our homepage, Youtube or Vimeo. We hope you enjoy it!